The basis of good is kindness and respect for one another. Acts of "good" hold meaning only for this. When you are "With Nick", you are in support of bringing out the good that our world is in dire need of and against two things, anger and bitterness. Anger is the poison of our ego that drives us into our darkest form, while bitterness is the willful hurt we cause ourselves in disappointment for what our expectations failed to become. We must support each other and know that anger and bitterness are poison, while love and kindness, in their truest forms, can change the world.


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I believe that education is our true foundation and that good and kindness are our only currency for which to pay one another. In the years since I have been set free, after having served 23 years on Death Row for a crime I didn't commit, I found that I have only one true gift from all that I went through: to tell my story in the most honest way possible. I now share that story with everyone whom I am honored to speak before and now with this book.

-Nick Yarris