Death Penalty: Nicholas Yarris spent 22 years on death row for a murder he didn’t commit | Times Herald

((As seen in The Times Herald))

On Jan. 16, 2004, Nicholas Yarris walked out of prison a free man after 22 years on Pennsylvania’s death row.

Yarris, now 54, is one of 15 people in the United States — and the only person in Pennsylvania — to be released from death row after being found not guilty of a capital murder by means of a DNA test.

“I’m kind of a walking encyclopedia on the death penalty,” Yarris joked during a recent phone interview from his home in California.

In 1981, Yarris, 20 at the time, was driving with a friend in what turned out to be a stolen car. A Chester police officer pulled Yarris over and the encounter turned violent, the officer claimed. The incident ended with Yarris being charged with the attempted murder of a police more


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