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Convicted of rape and murder, Nick Yarris spent decades awaiting execution. In a rare account of life in one of America’s most notorious prisons, he describes the shocking brutality of his guards, his years of study to prove his innocence – and how he ended up working as a delivery man for B&Q in Britain.

I meet Nick Yarris in Ilchester, a pretty village in Somerset a few miles north of Yeovil. When I catch sight of him he is standing in the drizzle outside the pub where we have arranged to have lunch. He is tall and pale with sunken cheeks and wears a black overcoat and black beanie, all of which makes him seem like a slightly ghoulish bouncer. But he greets me warmly before... read more


  • cindy

    Hi Nick…I’m shocked there are no comments here. HMM??? I just watched the most profound story on Netflix, The Fear Of 13. Well done man! I live in the U.S. I was so moved to hear your truth, I am praying you are still happily married. And I hear you became a Dad,
    I Just want to thank you for making that movie. Putting yourself out there in such raw truth.
    I am married (32) years now. We have 3 grown sons. So I am no weirdo.. I just want to wish you well. And to say I’m with Nick. Thank you for your testimony of true human spirit.
    All the Best Nick, and in my prayers….Cindy

  • Ashley Sørensen

    ‘Never give up’ forms so much of your message, and for that at least, my ultimate respect to you Nick – you’ve highlighted the insignificance of the problems of many with your journey, told with eloquence and humility. Whatever happens in your life, may you never see darkness again, because each dark day is a day closer to a lighter one – I’ve always believed that, but you have emphasised that belief. Live free and live happy please…

  • Mary Strugar

    Listening to you on radio 4 midweek was an honour. Your voice is rare and authentic, your ability to inspire people and give hope is extraordinary in my opinion. I played your interview to a young woman who self harms yesterday …… you have the voice, heart and soul of one of the world’s great healers probably as a direct result of your extraordinary personal journey through life that is far from over. In Buddhism we call it human revolution and we welcome challenges in life to help us grow and develop, but your challenges have been so extreme I can barely imagine some of the suffering you have gone through. You embody the dignity and self respect we all need to find within ourselves. Thank you for inspiring me more than I have ever been by a single interview.

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