INNOCENT ON DEATH ROW | True Geordie Podcast #22


  • Elizabeth Robertson

    After having watched ‘The Fear of 13’ I was so impacted by the haunting narration given by Mr. Yarris I found myself thinking of his story often in the days that followed . After which, I felt compelled to message Mr. Yarris with the intent of relaying me appreciation for his film. He was gracious enough to respond promptly. Mr. Yarris, as might be expected of the eloquent man depicted in the film, responded with an inspiring message of life and the importance of telling ones truth with honesty and beauty.

  • Lisa Lynch

    Nick yarris I love hearing your stories, please reconsider being friends with people on facebook I just heard your comment on this show, your story has Inspiration for nfor millions of people around thethe World, you are truly a beautiful person and gift of God to teach others your amazing gift!

  • Lois

    Love light and many blessings

  • Owen

    Great podcast Nick, thank you for taking the time to share your experiences. I found the Fear of 13 an inspiration, so it was great to hear you discuss your perspectives on life in even greater detail.

  • Raman Sehota

    Thank you, your message and story has inspired me and reinforced my own personal beliefs as well as enlightening my day. I hope your message is relayed to as many people as possible and impacts them the same way.

  • Anshumaan

    loved the podcast nick

  • Brandon Nelson

    Such a enlightening thing to listen to and a fresh outtake on life, thoroughly recommend listening to the entire thing. Has actually helped me in ways I didn’t realise until I came to face moments of anger or aggression.
    Thank You

  • Alfie

    I’m 13 years old and live in a poor family in England. After watching the podcast you’ve inspired me to try and become a better person. I know I can’t just change overnight but I will try to do little things like giving my buying a homeless person food or drink or speaking to somebody when they’re feeling down. Thank you.

  • john beattie

    Legend, carry on what your doing.

  • Isaac

    Inspirational man

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